Photo Exhibition of the Captain of the RGS’s Circumnavigation Opens in Argentina

Выставка Станислава Берёзкина. Фото: Русский дом в Буэнос-Айресе

The Russian House in Buenos Aires hosted a presentation of the expedition of the Tomsk Branch of the Russian Geographical Society "Following the paths of Russian explorers" on September 29. Three significant events took place at once within the framework of the event: the opening of the photo exhibition of Stanislav Berezkin, the captain of the trimaran Russian Ocean Way; the first foreign screening of the film by the TV channel "Moya Planeta" about the circumnavigation of the world; and a membership card of the Russian Geographical Society was handed to a resident of Argentina for the first time.

The photo exhibition of Stanislav Berezkin's works, telling about the initial stage of the expedition, became the first personal exhibition of the trimaran’s captain. Yulia Kalyuzhnaya, the head of the Coastal Headquarters of the circumnavigation, executive director of the Tomsk Branch of the Russian Geographical Society, flew to Buenos Aires especially for its opening. In a celebratory atmosphere, she handed the membership card of the RGS to the Argentine yachtsman Sebastian Iut, who provided invaluable assistance to the Russians and became a true friend of the crew during the "wintering" in Argentina.

Sebastian Iut is the first Argentinian to join the ranks of the Russian Geographical Society. He intends to join the crew of the trimaran on the segment of the route from Buenos Aires to Mar del Plata.


Презентация кругосветной экспедиции. Фото: Русский дом в Буэнос-Айресе

All those who supported the expedition in Argentina became the guests of honor of the Russian House in Buenos Aires. Among them were the commodore of San Fernando Club Luis Cesar Martinez Castro, the contractor for metal work on the trimaran Mariano Losada, the director of the company “Lunamar” Norberto Luna.

The evening ended with the screening of the first part of a multi-part documentary about the expedition. The documentary is created by the Russian TV channel "Moya Planeta". The premiere took place earlier at the RGS Festival in Moscow. The picture with Spanish subtitles was greeted with stormy applause from the audience. Soon it will be available for viewing on the social networks of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Argentina and on the website of the Argentine representative office of Rossotrudnichestvo. The issue of showing the Spanish-language version of the film on Argentine television is also being discussed.

The Tomsk Branch of the Russian Geographical Society and the team of the Russian Ocean Way expedition thanks the staff of the Russian House in Buenos Aires for organizing the event.

On July 1, 2021, Siberian travelers Evgeny Kovalevsky and Stanislav Berezkin set off along the route of the first Russian round-the-world expeditions of the 19th century: Ivan Kruzenshtern’s (1803-1806), Yuri Lisyansky’s (1803-1806), Otto Kotzebue’s (1815-1818, 1823-1826), Vasily Golovnin’s (1817-1819), Fedor Litke’s (1826-1829), Faddey Bellingshausen and Mikhail Lazarev’s (1819-1921). The international project of the Tomsk Regional Branch of the Russian Geographical Society "Following the paths of Russian explorers" is dedicated to the 250th birthday anniversary of Krusenstern and the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica by Russian sailors. These events for a long time determined Russia's leadership in the development of the oceans and the discovery of new lands. You can learn more about the project and provide all possible assistance in its implementation on the website of the expedition.

The next day, September 30, the expedition participants were received at the Russian Embassy in Argentina. Russian Ambassador Dmitry Feoktistov promised to continue to support the circumnavigators, and also accepted an invitation to participate in an educational project for school students "Lessons from the Ocean". The new lesson will be dedicated to South America.


Посол РФ в Аргентине Дмитрий Феоктистов с участниками экспедиции. Фото: Томское отделение РГО

"Lessons from the Ocean" are "live" geography classes developed for school students in Russia and abroad by the Tomsk Branch of the Russian Geographical Society. To date, five such lessons have already been held, where children learned about the history of the first Russian circumnavigations, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Age of Discovery.