Playful Amur Tiger Cubs Caught on a Camera Trap in Primorye

Фото со страницы национального парка "Земля леопарда" в Вконтакте (
Фото со страницы национального парка "Земля леопарда" в Вконтакте (

Playful Amur tiger cubs were photographed by a camera trap installed in the “Land of the Leopard” National Park. The employees of the National Park shared the photo on social networks.

The picture shows two Amur tiger cubs frolicking in the protected snowy forest. The experts note that the age of the Red Book tiger cubs in the photo is about two months. Nevertheless, the cubs already have powerful paws, sharp teeth and a formidable growl.

“During simple games, tiger cubs find out who is in charge, train the skills of fighting and hunting. Jumping, pouncing, biting, roaring - all techniques are used at the tiger day care. This way the predators learn to communicate with each other and engage in physical training, which is extremely important for the development of the cubs," the press service of the National Park notes.

We would like to remind you, that the Amur tiger is one of the largest terrestrial predators on our planet, the largest subspecies of the tiger in the world. The weight of an adult male is about 185 kg, the body length is 220 cm. About 520 Amur tigers have been recorded in the world. 95% of the entire population lives in the Russian Far East and 5% in China and North Korea. In 1947, the Amur tiger was taken under protection - hunting for it was completely prohibited in the USSR. Since 2010, the Russian Geographical Society has been supporting the “Amur Tiger” project.