Postage Stamp For 250th Anniversary Of Yuri Lisyansky Issued

A stamp dedicated to the 250th anniversary of Yuri Lisyansky, which is celebrated today, has been put into circulation. The postal miniature was released by JSC "Marka" with the participation of the Russian Geographical Society.

Yuri Fedorovich Lisyansky (1773-1837) was a navigator, researcher, participant of the first Russian round—the-world expedition, and an associate of Ivan Kruzenshtern.

In 1793-1799, he served as a volunteer on the ships of the English Navy. During these years, he sailed a lot to North America and to the Canadian shores, to South Africa, India and the West Indies.

Returning to Russia, in 1798 he was promoted to the rank of lieutenant commander and was given command of the frigate "Avtroil". In 1802 he was awarded the Order of St. George IV degree for participation in 18 naval campaigns.

In 1803-1806, Ivan Kruzenshtern and Yuri Lisyansky on the sloops Nadezhda and Neva made the first round-the-world expedition in the history of the Russian navy.

During the three years of the campaign, the ships followed only 375 days together and 720 days independently.

During the voyage, Yuri Fedorovich conducted detailed observations of winds and currents, compiled rich mineral, zoological, ethnographic and botanical collections, completed descriptions of dozens of islands and many hundreds of miles of sea coasts.

Lisyansky described his observations and impressions in the famous book "Journey around the World", published in 1812. By the way, here is the first description of the Hawaiian Islands.

For his services, the navigator received the rank of captain of the 2nd rank, and in August 1806 he was awarded the Order of St. Vladimir of the III degree, a monetary award and a lifetime pension.

On the postage stamp created by the artist Sergei Ulyanovsk, Yuri Lisyansky is depicted against the background of the sloops Neva and Nadezhda. The circulation is 180 thousand copies.