The Preliminary Stage of the Project "Incredible 10,110 Kilometers of Russia" Held in Serbia

Фото: Центр РГО в Сербии

The preliminary stage of the international sports and tourism project "Incredible 10,110 kilometers of Russia" took place from 18 to 26 June in Serbia. The event, timed to coincide with the 75th anniversary of the Victory over fascism and the 175th anniversary of the creation of the Russian Geographical Society, is carried out with the organizational support and direct participation of the Russian Geographical Society Center in Serbia.

“Incredible 10,110 Kilometers of Russia” is a sports and tourism project, the main goal of which is to popularize an active lifestyle, as well as unique natural, cultural and ethnographic sites in Russia and Serbia. During the event, its participants will consecutively overcome three stages.

The first of them will be an open water freestyle swimming race at distance of up to 10 kilometers with no time limit. Crimea was chosen as the venue for the stage as a symbol of the restoration of historical justice and the return of the peninsula to the Russian Federation.

The second stage is a motorcycle race across all of Russia from Crimea to Primorye with a minimum distance of 10 thousand kilometers. Ten days are given to complete it. The participants will start at the Konstantinovskaya Battery in Sevastopol and finish at the Nameless Battery in Vladivostok.

The last part of the project is a hiking stage up to 100 kilometers long, which will need to be completed in 24 hours. The venue will be Primorsky Krai. The participants will visit the territory of the “Land of the Leopard” National Park.

As part of the preliminary phase of the project, a tourist route for motorcyclists and motorists was opened and tested in Serbia. It allows you to get acquainted with more than 50 landscape, historical and cultural sites of the country, as well as memorable places associated with the history of Russian-Serbian relations. It is expected that the National Tourism Organization of Serbia, on the proposal of the RGS Center in Serbia, will add the route to the list of tourist destinations recommended for visiting.


Фото: Центр РГО в Сербии

The sports component of the preliminary stage of the project "Incredible 10,110 kilometers of Russia" consisted of a joint three-hour training session of the Russian and Serbian participants in a 50-meter swimming pool in the city of Novi Sad. Swimming skills were practiced in open water. Then there was a 75-kilometer cross-country hike in the area of ​​the “Fruška Gora” National Park. The distance was covered in 17 hours 53 minutes.

“In general, we were satisfied with the results of the event held in Serbia, although there is still work to be done in terms of personal preparation of the participants. However, I am sure that by the start of the project on August 18 in Sevastopol, absolutely everyone, both the Russians and Serbs, will be ready to withstand everything with honor and successfully cross the finish line in the Far East," said the organizer of the project, adviser to the head of the Russian Geographical Society Center in Serbia Vyacheslav Eremeev.