The preserve story

The heroes  of comics
The heroes of comics

The first season of geographical comics «The preserve story» is over. The comics is supported by the grant of the Russian Geographical Society. The history in pictures had been published in weekly children's edition «Class magazine» from September to December, 2016. This educational project is timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of foundation of the first reserve in Russia.

In order to attract boys and girls to the study of geography, to pay their attention to the natural wealth and to learn to protect the environment, the editorial staff of the weekly edition invented a story about the team of brave travelers:  the two schoolchildren, Mitya and Katya, their geography teacher Anatoliy Afanasyevich and a funny kitten Felix.  


A fragment of the comic book «The preserve story»
A fragment of the comic book «The preserve story»

The readers of the magazine visited together with the heroes of the comics the following places: Caucasus, the Great Arctic, Kronotsky reserve, the Far Eastern maritime reserve, Baikal reserve, Sayan-Shushenskoye reserve, Altai reserve, Crimean reserve, and in the «Stolby» and « Uvs Nuur Basin» reserves.

The children were taking part in the contests of the project, answering the questions and were sharing their impressions. The story was appreciated not only by the young readers, but by the employees of specially protected areas. The wish to join the project in 2017 was expressed by the Oka Terraced Reserve, «Zapovednoe Podlemorye» (Preserved Podlemorye), the Reserve of the Central Siberia, the Mordovia and Magadan Reserves.