Proceedings of Kronotsky Nature Reserve

Landscapes of Kronotsky reserve. Photo: AirPano
Landscapes of Kronotsky reserve. Photo: AirPano

The third issue of "Proceedings of Kronotsky Nature Reserve" was published. It includes the results of the research conducted in Kronotsky reserve and South Kamchatka Federal Reserve. The publication contains information about the current state of natural complexes of protected areas and the results of long-term research. It tells about the research history of Kronotsky reserve glaciers, biological diversity of Eastern Kamchatka and the south of the peninsula, about remote methods for study of natural systems. The issue was released on the threshold of the 80th anniversary of the reserve. 

On November 1, 1934 the Presidium of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee of the RSFSR adopted a resolution on the recognition of Kronotsky sable reserve as the State reserve of national importance. This date is considered the official date of the reserve establishment. 

A special chapter is devoted to the discoverer of the Valley of Geysers - geologist Tatiana Ustinova. The chapter about her life was written by her daughters - Galina and Tatyana Averin. 

"Proceedings of Kronotsky Nature Reserve"- is a result of a huge work conducted by employees of the reserve and other research institutes which study the nature of Kronotsky Reserve and South Kamchatka Sanctuary, - says head of the reserve research department Daria Panicheva. - The information presented in this book will be of interest for professionals who work in the field of environment, teachers, students and those who can appreciate nature. "

Another novelty has expanded the research fund of Kronotsky reserve. "Kronotsky Reserve and South Kamchatka Reserve. Identifier of fish". It describes the ecology, morphology and biology of the species living in fresh waters and coastal waters of the sea area. 

Both editions will be donated to libraries of Kamchatka Krai and research institutes which cooperate with Kronotskii reserve.