RGS and Kuban State Agrarian University Sign a Cooperation Agreement

Соглашение подписали председатель Краснодарского регионального отделения РГО Иван Чайка и проректор университета Татьяна Полунина. Фото: КубГАУ

The Krasnodar Regional Branch of the Russian Geographical Society and Kuban State Agrarian University have signed a cooperation agreement. It provides for the participation of the university in the implementation of a set of environmental and educational projects and programs of the Russian Geographical Society, interaction in the field of scientific, educational, and research activities.

The document was signed by Ivan Chaika, chairman of the Krasnodar Regional Branch of the Russian Geographical Society, and Tatyana Polutina, vice-rector for International Cooperation and Youth Policy of the university. It is planned to create a new Youth Club of the Russian Geographical Society and hold a number of joint events at the university. The agreement will promote the popularization of geography, local history, and the development of active tourism among students.


В фотоальбоме "Живописная Россия" представлены итоги комплексной экспедиции РГО "РоссиЯ". Фото: КубГАУ

As part of the educational project of the Russian Geographical Society, the university was presented with sets of modern publications on geography, ecology, and local history. They contain historical documents, notes and memoirs of the discoverers, ethnographic information, maps and routes, characteristics of the regions, works on the study of ecology, and the results of scientific expeditions.

The fund of the library of Agrarian University was replenished with the first complete edition of the memoirs of the outstanding Russian geographer, traveler, statesman, and public figure Pyotr Semyonov-Tyan-Shansky from the series "Golden Fund of the Russian Geographical Society", a new series "Modern Russia: A Geographical Description of Our Fatherland", a documentary by Nikolai Plisko "Red Wings over the Arctic" about the first Russian polar pilot Jan Nagórski. Some of the new books are devoted to the history and geography of the Krasnodar Territory. The book "The Golden Ring of the Bosporan Kingdom" (Ivan Chaika, Khristofor Konstantinidi) introduces a unique tourist route that passes through the places associated with the ancient history of southern Russia. The unique publication "Antiquities of Taman" tells about the archaeological finds made on the territory of the peninsula; and "Picturesque Russia", about the geography, nature, cultural and ethnographic diversity of the country.


Встреча с преподавателями и студентами вуза. Фото: КубГАУ

“In the year of the university’s centenary, we decided to join forces in order to attract more young people to the activities of the Russian Geographical Society. For us, this is an important step. We have a significant partner – one of the best universities in the south of Russia. We hope for further joint fruitful cooperation, which will give results for our region and country,” Ivan Chaika noted at a meeting with students and teaching staff of the university.