RGS Member Vladislav Lachkarev from Irkutsk Set a World Record

Vladislav Lachkarev
Vladislav Lachkarev

Member of the Russian Geographical Society and the Board of Trustees of the Irkutsk Regional Branch of the RGS Vladislav Lachkarev climbed the highest peak of Antarctica - Mount Vinson, as well as he climbed the highest Antarctic volcano - Mount Sidley. He became the second person in the world who managed to conquer both poles of the Earth, as well as the highest mountains and volcanoes of all continents.

"Seven Peaks + Seven Volcanoes + Two Poles" - a combination of two popular climbing projects, to which is added the program of conquering the poles of the planet. 45-year-old Vitaly Simonovich was the first man in the world who accomplished this program in 2014. And now 42-year-old Vladislav Lachkarev became the youngest owner of the alpine "collection".

Фото предоставлено Владиславом Лачкарёвым

The project "Seven Peaks" exists since 1981. 43 people have traveled this pass for now. The goal of climbers is to conquer the seven highest peaks in each part of the world. Among them are Everest (Chomolungma) in Asia (8848 m), Aconcagua in South America (6962 m), McKinley (Denali) in North America (6194 m), African Kilimanjaro (5895 m), European Elbrus (5642 m) and the Vinson Antarctic Peak (4897 m). The highest point in Australia is considered to be the 2228-meter peak Kosciusko. However, the highest point of Australia and Oceania, that also includes the adjacent islands and archipelagoes, is the Carstens Pyramid (Punchak-Jaya) - its height is 4,884 m. Not less than 400 people in the world could climb all the peaks. Vladislav Lachkarev became the 41st Russian - conqueror of the seven highest points of the world.

In addition, Vladislav Lachkarev became the 17th person who completed the program of climbing the highest volcanoes of all continents, as well as one of the few who managed to get to both poles of the Earth within the “The Last Degree” program. The exact number of people who succeeded is unknown. There are no more than 50 of them according to the average estimate.