RGS Specialists Make Adjustments to Great Kuban Trail

Юрий Коваленко — один из авторов проекта Большой кубанской тропы. Фото: Северское отделение РГО

Members of the Seversk District Branch of the Russian Geographical Society Yuri Kovalenko and Sergey Dubovik have made adjustments to the Great Kuban Trail, which will bring together several tourist trails already existing in the region. There will be more viewing points overlooking magnificent scenery on the new section from the village of Kabardinka to the village of Golubaya Bukhta.

“After the development of the route and its inspection, we get the route approved by the owners of recreational resources or state supervision authorities. If the agreement cannot be reached, we correct it. This happened on the section of the Great Kuban Trail from Kabardinka to Golubaya Bukhta," said Yuri Kovalenko, one of the authors of the project, a member of the Tourism Development Commission of the Krasnodar Regional Branch of the Russian Geographical Society.

The expedition team created the first trail in 2021 through the Kabardinka cedar grove. However, this is a specially protected natural area, so the trail had to be rerouted. The new version of the trail turned out to be even more advantageous. There are many viewing points from which the Markotkh Range, Gelendzhik Bay, and the coastal strip of the Black Sea are clearly visible.


Сергей Дубовик. Фото: Северское отделение РГО

“There are plenty of options to get from Kabardinka to Golubaya Bukhta through the mountain range. We walked along Chernomorskaya Street to the outskirts of the village. We went deeper into the forest along the path that merged with the road leading to the non-profit gardeners’ partnership "Znamya". Winding along the spur, slowly gaining altitude, the road led to a spring in a clearing. After crossing Mount Doob, passing the summer camping sites, at noon we reached the sea. After walking along the coastal strip for a short section, we climbed the stairs to the high shore. The path, winding through the forest, brought us to the outskirts of Golubaya Bukhta," said Sergey Dubovik, a member of the expedition team, chairman of the Seversk Branch of the Russian Geographical Society.

In the future, the route of the Great Kuban Trail will combine new and existing tourist routes and will include the objects of another successful tourist project of the Russian Geographical Society – the Golden Ring of the Bosporan Kingdom. The project is being implemented in cooperation with the administrations of four regions of the south of Russia and Rostourism.