Roy Jones Jr Becomes the Ambassador of the RGS Project "The Golden Ring of the Bosporan Kingdom"

Рой Джонс мл. Фото с сайта
Рой Джонс мл. Фото с сайта

The undisputed world champion in boxing, a citizen of Russia and the USA, Roy Jones Jr. became the ambassador of the tourism project "The Golden Ring of the Bosporan Kingdom". He announced this at the "Antique Heritage of Russia" forum.

The Golden Ring of the Bosporan Kingdom is a large-scale tourism project of the four southern regions of Russia, created on the initiative of the Krasnodar Regional Branch of the Russian Geographical Society and the Ministry of Resorts, Tourism and Olympic Heritage of the Krasnodar Territory.

The project includes more than 35 objects of cultural and historical heritage, museum complexes, archaeological sites and modern venues displaying antiques for the tourists   in 12 cities of southern Russia. The overall coordination of the project is carried out by the Russian Geographical Society with the support of the Federal Agency for Tourism.You can learn more about the project , select places to visit, and make a travel route on the website

Speaking at the forum, the boxer noted that the rich ancient heritage of Russia was a discovery for him, and promised to tell all his friends about it, as well as invite them to visit the south of Russia and drive along the Golden Ring of the Bosporan Kingdom.

"It is important that the organizers of the project are paying great attention to the development of international relations and the preservation of the unique historical and cultural world heritage. When I was told for the first time that the ancient Bosporan Kingdom was located on the territory of modern Russia in the past, I was very surprised," says Roy Jones Jr.

The famous boxer also noted the importance of raising awareness  and patriotic education of youth in the framework of the project "The Golden Ring of the Bosporan Kingdom ".

Roy Jones Jr. is an American and Russian professional boxer. Silver medalist at the 1988 Olympics. The undisputed world champion in the light heavyweight class. World champion in the middleweight (IBF version, 1993-1994), super middleweight  (IBF version, 1994-1996), light heavyweight (WBC version, 1997, 1997-2002 and 2003-2004; WBA version, 1998-2002; IBF version, 1999 —2002),  cruiserweight(WBU version, 2013—2015, 2018; WBF version, 2017) and heavyweight (WBA version, 2003) classes. The first boxer in the history of boxing, who became the world middleweight champion, and then managed to win titles in the super middleweight, light heavyweight and heavyweight classes.

In addition to boxing, Roy Jones Jr. is known for his musical and acting career. In 2001, he recorded his first rap album, and in 2003 starred in the movie "The Matrix: Reloaded" as captain Ballard. Roy Jones Jr. also starred in the movie "Universal Soldier 4," which was released in 2012.

Roy Jones Jr. has dual citizenship: American and Russian.