Russian and Spanish Geographical Societies Concluded a Collaboration Agreement

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The Russian Geographical Society and the Royal Geographical Society (Spain) have entered into a cooperation agreement. The document was signed by the First Vice-President of the Russian Geographical Society Nikolay Kasimov and the President of the Spanish Society Juan Velarde Fuertes.

The agreement between the two Geographical Societies is aimed at scientific, educational and cultural cooperation, the exchange of experience and information on research in the field of geography and related sciences, conducted in Russia and Spain.

One of the areas of joint work will be the promotion of the study, preservation and popularization of the toponymic heritage of both countries. Societies will exchange materials and archival documents related to geography, hold joint exhibitions, lectures, round tables and other events.

The Royal Geographical Society of Spain is the oldest of the Spanish geographical organizations. The Society was founded on February 2, 1876, the original name - "Geographical Society of Madrid". The creation of the Society reflected the tendency of that time and corresponded to the ideas of studying communications between peoples within the framework of colonial expansion and geographical discoveries aimed at creating new countries and states. Currently, the goals of the Society are expanded by the study of environmental issues and the popularization of geographical knowledge, since such knowledge is a strategic and priority task of any modern society.