Russian Geo Society and State Archive of Film and Photodocuments Agreed on Cooperation

The Russian Geographical Society and the Russian State Archive of Film and Photodocuments have signed an agreement on cooperation. According to it, films shot with the grant support of the Society will be given to the Archive for eternal storage, and visitors to the kinoportal website and guests of events organized by the Society will be able to see masterpieces of the Soviet cinema.

The Russian State Archive of Film and Photodocuments was founded in 1926. It has one of the world's largest collections of documentary photography and films. It contains film and photo documents from the second half of the XIX century to the present time. The funds store more than a million photos and about 250 thousand film documents. 

Within the framework of the agreement, the Archive has already given rare films of the first half of the XX century to the Society. Among them there are the following films:  "Forest people"(1928) about the peoples of the Far East, "The Roof of the World. Local history essay" (1929) about the Soviet expedition to the Pamirs, "Kara-Dag. A Pearl of the Eastern Crimea" (1929) about the nature of the volcanic massif, life and traditions of the Crimean Tatars, "Kola Peninsula" (1933) about the people of the Murmansk region. 


From the film “Forest people" (1928)
From the film “Forest people" (1928)

In its turn, the Russian Geographical Society has given modern films devoted to the geography, history and nature of our country, outstanding Russian travelers, famous expeditions and great discoveries to the Archive "Talking to Beluga whales" (2014), "Geographers to the Great Victory "(2015), " Martha Nobel. Points on the map" (2015), "Kuril Landing. The last battle of War" (2016), "Ghosts of Matua Island" (2017).