The Russian Geographical Society Has Summarized The Results of the Geographical Dictation – 2018

Participants of the Geographical Dictation - 2018 at the central venue at the Lomonosov Moscow State University. Photo: RGS Press Service
Participants of the Geographical Dictation - 2018 at the central venue at the Lomonosov Moscow State University. Photo: RGS Press Service

The Russian Geographical Society summed up the results of the Geographical Dictation - 2018. The educating campaign has been held for the fourth time. The leading universities, scientific organizations of Russia, schools, libraries, military units, military educational institutions, museums, as well as nature reserves and national parks take part in the event every year.


In total, 3910 venues were registered in 99 countries in 2018.

The Dictation took place on 3680 specially prepared venues in 97 countries.

In Russia, the Republic of Bashkortostan is the leader in the number of venues - there were 416 venues. The Krasnodar Region is on the second place – there were 341 venues. The third place is the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) – there were 242 venues.


Photo: RGS Press Service
Photo: RGS Press Service

96 foreign countries took part in the educating campaign “Geographical Dictation - 2018”. This is 4 times more than in 2017. The leaders in the number of venues among foreign countries were China (10 venues), the Republic of Belarus (9 venues), Armenia (6 venues), the Czech Republic (5 venues), Kyrgyzstan (5 venues), Kazakhstan (5 venues), South Ossetia (5 venues), and Turkey (5 venues).


In total, more than 376 thousand people took part in the Geographical Dictation – 2018, and that significantly exceeded the result of the previous year – there were 260 thousand people. In Russia, 249,857 people wrote the Dictation in person and 7171 people wrote it abroad. In addition, more than 119 thousand people tested their knowledge online at the site:

The most active region of Russia, in terms of the number of participants, was the Republic of Bashkortostan – there were more than 23 thousand people. Among the regions, where the number of participants exceeded 10 thousand, also are: the Krasnodar Region - more than 19 thousand people, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) - more than 15 thousand people and the Primorsky Region - more than 12 thousand people.


Photo: RGS Press Service
Photo: RGS Press Service

South Ossetia is leading among foreign countries – 803 people wrote the Dictation there. The Republic of Abkhazia – 745 participants. Azerbaijan – 554 participants. Tajikistan 472 participants. Armenia 423 participants.

The age structure of the Dictation participants remains at the level of previous years. The overwhelming majority of participants are between 11 and 18 years old.

About a third of the Dictation participants noted the sphere of professional activity as science and education. They are, as a rule, schoolchildren, students, teachers. It is worth noting a significant increase in the number of participants in military service.

One of the main principles of the campaign is anonymity. Participants did not need to specify names on the forms. They indicated only gender, age, education, field of activity and type of employment.


In 2018, the Dictation was made in four versions: two versions were made for conducting on the territory of Russia, one version was made for conducting on the territory of foreign countries, and one more was made for conducting the Dictation online. All variants of the Dictation were equivalent in degree of difficulty. Each version consisted of two parts, that were different in degree of difficulty. Total amount of questions were 30.


Photo: RGS Press Service
Photo: RGS Press Service


In general, the participants of the Geographical Dictation - 2018 did a pretty good job with the tasks, but the first part turned out to be a little bit easier than the second part.

According to the Geographical Dictation-2018 results, the average score are 56 out of 100 for the first part and 47.7 out of 100 for the second part.

The average score gained by the Dictation participants in Russia are 53.7 for the first part and 48.8 for the second part. 353 people completed both parts of the Dictation absolutely correctly, having received 100 points for each, 851 participants didn’t answer the dictation questions at all (0 points for the first and second parts).


Photo: RGS Press Service
Photo: RGS Press Service

The leaders in terms of the average score for the first part of the Dictation were: the Tyumen Region - 71.7, the Republic of Ingushetia - 69.7, the Penza Region - 67.8, the Omsk Region - 66.9. 1656 participants have got he maximum score for the first part. The Nenets Autonomous District has got the lowest points in this section - 31.6, the Kaluga Region has got 37.2, the Republic of Karelia has got 37.7, the Komi Republic has got 39.4.

The best results for the tasks of the second part were shown by the Republic of Karachay-Cherkessia - 75.9 points, the Tyumen region - 70.4 points and the Penza region - 70.3 points. 5746 participants scored maximum 100 points for the second part of the dictation. The weakest results in the second part were in the Nenets Autonomous District - 26.9 points, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) - 28.8 points and the Republic of Karelia - 32.5 points.