Russian Students to Take Part in the International Geography Olympiad IGEO-2021

Российские участники iGEO-2021

The Russian team of school students will take part in the International Geography Olympiad (iGEO-2021), which starts on August 11. The competitions, the official capital of which is Istanbul, will be held online this year.

On the opening day, the participants of the Olympiad will have to take a multimedia test. On August 12, a theoretical round will take place, and on August 13, a practical round. The gold medal award ceremony will take place on August 16 during the opening of the International Geographic Conference.

The Russian team, which includes Alena Agapova (St. Petersburg), Rustam Bigildin, Olga Ovchinnikova and Nikita Panfilov (all from Moscow), prepared for the competition under the guidance of the coaching staff: Pavel Kirillov, Nikita Mozgunov, Anna Romashina, Dmitry Bogachev, as well as the prize-winner of International Geography Olympiads Artur Petrosyan.

The final stage of preparation was the geography training camp at the International Children's Center "Computeria". Here, since August 1, the school students have been working on solving theoretical and practical problems in various branches of geography – geomorphology, climatology and hydrometeorology, geography of industry and agriculture, demography and geo-urban studies, and other disciplines. Also, the participants in the training camp made and analyzed maps, diagrams, graphs that reflect the essence of geographical processes and phenomena, and solved the tasks of multimedia tests.