Russian Students Won Two Gold Medals and Two Silver Medals at IGEO-2021

Фото: ЦПМК по географии

An excellent result was shown by the Russian team at the 17th International Geography Olympiad iGeo-2021. Muscovites Rustam Bigildin and Nikita Panfilov won gold medals, Alena Agapova from St. Petersburg and Olga Ovchinnikova from Moscow won silver.

This year the competition was hosted by Istanbul, Turkey. However, due to the difficult epidemiological situation, the Olympiad was held online. The Russian team gathered at the "Computeria" educational center, where they trained and then completed assignments.

There were three stages in the iGeo-2021 program: August 11 – multimedia test, August 12 – theoretical round, and August 13 – practical round. During the competition, the participants demonstrated various geographical skills and abilities, as well as excellent knowledge, completing all the tasks. A record number of schoolchildren took part in the 17th International Geography Olympiad – 180 participants from 46 countries of the world.

One of the organizers of the Olympiad responsible for the practical round was a member of the target group of the International Geographical Union and the Academic Council of the Russian Geographical Society, head of the Department of Social and Economic Geography of Foreign Countries of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Alexei Naumov.

The team for the iGeo-2021 was formed from schoolchildren who won the All-Russian Geography Olympiad. Applicants underwent in-depth preparations at training camps and orientation sessions. Russian schoolchildren also showed excellent results at the Baltic Geography Olympiad in Suwalki, Poland.

The preparation of the national team and training took place according to the program approved by the Ministry of Education of Russia and with the direct support of the Russian Geographical Society. The training was supervised by a leading scientist at the Faculty of Geography, Moscow State University Pavel Kirillov. He was assisted by coaches Nikita Mozgunov, Anna Romashina, Artur Petrosyan and Dmitry Bogachev.