Russian Teams Show Excellent Results at European Geography Olympiad for School Students

Фото: пресс-служба РГО

The performance of Russian school students at the VII European Geography Olympiad in Belgrade ended in triumph. All participants from Russia won awards. The event in Serbia was held from June 24 to June 30 in a remote format.

The Olympiad consisted of three rounds in English. The Russians demonstrated excellent knowledge of theoretical material, as well as excellent practical training, having completed all the tasks. In total, more than 120 people from 12 countries took part in the VII European Geography Olympiad. Russia was represented at the competition by three teams who gathered at the educational center “Computeria” in Tver Oblast.

The results of the main team: Artem Ustyuzhaninov, Alyona Agapova (all from St. Petersburg) – gold medals; Timofey Morozov, Antonina Kulapova, Alexander Taimanov, Pavel Zhukov, Arseniy Chugin (all from Moscow), Denis Pervykh (Rostov Oblast) – silver medals.

The second team: Yan Nekrasevich (Moscow) – gold medal; Ilia Kon’ (Moscow) – silver medal; Fedor Denisov (St. Petersburg), Maxim Ivanov, Vladislav Zaitsev, Artur Rebiyar, Valery Sakhtariek (all from Moscow), Arseny Smakov (Bashkortostan) – bronze medals.

The junior team (under 16): Ivan Mikhailov – gold medal; Egor Grachev, Angelina Popova – silver medals; Danila Gavrilov, Tikhon Pulyaev – bronze medals. All juniors are Muscovites.

The teams that participated in the European Geography Olympiad were formed from school students who won the All-Russian Geography Olympiad. Then the applicants passed qualifying competitions and an in-depth training at training and orientation meetings. The Russian Geographical Society provided great support in the selection of participants and in the conduct of preparatory activities.

For more information about the training meetings of the members of the Russian teams, a rich training program visit the website of the RGS Youth Club. Traditionally, the Russian Geographical Society provides support in equipping national teams and in organizing additional classes in preparation for international intellectual competitions.