Sailing Expedition to Shumshu Island Started

Фото предоставлено командой экспедиции

The expedition on the "Bellatriks" yacht to the Kuril Islands was organized with the support of the Russian Geographical Society and is dedicated to the memory of the landing of Soviet troops on Shumshu Island in 1945.

During the Great Patriotic War, Shumshu Island was the northern stronghold of Japanese troops on the Kuril Islands and was considered impregnable. The landing of Soviet paratroopers on Shumsha in August 1945 was a decisive event in the course of the entire Kuril Islands Landing Operation. The successful actions of Soviet troops on Sakhalin Island created favorable conditions for the liberation of the entire Kuril chain.


Фото предоставлено командой экспедиции

During the sailing expedition, a ceremony is planned for launching a wreath in memory of the paratroopers who died during the Kuril Islands Landing Operation. This action is dedicated to the memory of all Soviet sailors, soldiers and officers who fought and died during the military actions in the Pacific Ocean.


Фото предоставлено командой экспедиции

The expedition was organized with the support of the Moscow City Duma Commission on Security, Sports and Youth Policy under the leadership of Kirill Shchitov, the Russian Geographical Society, under the patronage of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation and the Civvic Chamber of Moscow. This trip continues the mission of the Antarctic expedition, timed to the 200th anniversary of the start of the scientific expedition of F.F. Bellingshausen and M.P. Lazarev. This expedition took place at the beginning of 2019, and now the Olimpic Village - 80 team is setting sail again under the leadership of Dmitry Kuznetsov, Deputy Chairman of the Commission of the Civic Chamber of Moscow for Youth and Sports.