Section of Road Belonging to Ancient Greek City of Gorhippia Found Near Anapa

Фото с сайта администрации Краснодарского края

During archaeological excavations on the Novorossiysk - Kerch highway, a section of the ancient road belonging  to the ancient Greek city of Gorhippia was discovered, according to the website of the Krasnodar Territory Administration. The excavations were carried out as a part of the construction and renovation of the A-290 highway.

"This is the first time such a unique discovery has been made in Krasnodar Territory. Studies have shown that the road functioned from the middle - second half of the 4th century BC to the 2nd century BC. The road was regularly repaired and fresh material was poured on the roadbed. The period of the road's functioning is confirmed by the numerous finds of antique amphorae and coins. More than 100 of them were found. According to the scientists, the road connected the countryside with the ancient Greek city of Gorhippia," said the Vice-Governor of the Territory, Sergey Boldin.

The length of the excavation reaches 100 m. In the southern part, the width of the roadbed is 6 m. In the direction from south to north, the road gradually widens, forming a branch. In this section, its maximum width is 21 m.


Фото с сайта администрации Краснодарского края

We would like to remind you, that Anapa was founded on the site of the ancient city of Gorhippia. It was a major trade and craft center of the Bosporan Kingdom.

Anapa, as well as 12 other cities, is included in the "Golden Ring of the Bosporan Kingdom". This is a large-scale project of the four southern regions of Russia in the field of tourism, created on the initiative of the Krasnodar regional branch of the Russian Geographical Society and the Ministry of Resorts, Tourism and Olympic Heritage of Krasnodar Territory.


Фото с сайта администрации Краснодарского края

The overall coordination of the project is carried out by the Russian Geographical Society with the support of the Federal Agency for Tourism. You can learn more about the project, choose places to visit and draw up a travel itinerary on the internet portal