Sergey Shoygu: I wish all of us fascinating travels in the new year!

Photo by Vadim Savitsky
Photo by Vadim Savitsky

«The year of 2017 is coming to an end. Thanks to our joint work with you, it became possible to fill it with expeditions and educational actions, exhibitions and fascinating lectures. I am sure that tens and hundreds of thousands of people in Russia and abroad will remember with warmth their participation in the geographical dictation, the visit to the Festival of the Russian Geographical Society, the images of Russia, seen at the exhibitions of «The Most Beautiful Country» photo contest.

In a word, we give you reasons to be proud of your country, and the wonderful emotions received from the knowledge of your Motherland, - this is the main result of our work, for the sake of which the Russian Geographical Society was created.

I wish all of us a fascinating journey in the new year! Thirst for knowledge! Health! And well-being in the family!

Happy New Year!»

The President of the Russian Geographical Society Sergey Shoygu