"Sidewalk Astronomy" is Gaining Popularity in Krasnoyarsk

"Тротуарная астрономия" в Красноярске на набережной Енисея. Фото Красноярского краевого отделения РГО

A new interesting hobby – "sidewalk astronomy" – is becoming more and more popular in Krasnoyarsk. To popularize their favorite science, local lovers of space observation place their telescopes right on the Yenisei embankment in the city center so that Krasnoyarsk residents can look at the stars and planets for free.

As Roman Moryachkov, co-organizer of the association of astronomy enthusiasts “KrasAstro”, told the Krasnoyarsk Regional Branch of the Russian Geographical Society, such events are held approximately once or twice a month. A lot, of course, depends on the weather.

“Usually an average of 50-100 people come. We also unite astronomers of Krasnoyarsk and the region into a community, we get out together to observe deep space objects outside the city, away from the city glare. We give popular science lectures at various venues in the city, hold astronomy group meetings in the technopark ‘Tvori-Gora’, where we teach astronomy to children," Roman Moryachkov added.


Сибиряки смотрят на звёзды. Фото объединения любителей астрономии "КрасАстро"

The "sidewalk astronomers" movement was born in the late 1960s. Its founder and inspiration was an amateur astronomer from California John Dobson. Nowadays, thousands of astronomy enthusiasts around the world watch the stars.