"Speaking with beluga whales"

Photo: Andrei Kamenev
Photo: Andrei Kamenev

A trailer of a popular science film "Speaking with beluga whales" has been released. The film tells about one of the most intellectually developed animal in the world. The work on the film is carried out with the grant support of the Russian Geographical Society, under the direction of a well-known biologist and TV host Ivan Zatevahin. 

Beluga (Delphinapterus leucas) belongs to the family Monodontiadae, suborder Cetacea, order Odontoceti. This type of marine mammals inhabit all coastal waters of the seas of the Arctic Basin, as well as White, Bering and Okhotsk Seas. According to its position in the food chain and the level of development, a beluga can be compared with a man – they, as well as people, are at the top of the food chain.

The film, according to producer Sergey Serebryanyi, is based on the recent discovery of a group of Russian scientists, led by a well-known professor, founder of Russian academic school of studies of free-living dolphins Vsevolod Belkovich. Scientists have found that the beluga have highly developed intellect. 

 “Speaking with beluga whales” project has an important scientific component – the study of the functional characteristics of the spatio-temporal and intragroup structure of local populations of the White Sea beluga, study of the features of the acoustic signaling of polar dolphins.

Work on a new 60-minute film of "Extreme Biology" series will be completed in mid-December.