Steppe Forum in Orenburg

Photo by: A. A. Chibilev
Photo by: A. A. Chibilev

The international steppe forum of the Russian Geographical Society will take place in Orenburg from 10 to 13 September.

Contrary to what many might think, the steppe is not a lifeless landscape, but a region of striking beauty, rich in cultural, natural and economic attractions. The Forum will be held in Orenburg, the center of Steppe Eurasia, for the eighth time.  Orenburg is a mega-region on the border of Europe and Asia, unique in its history and geography.

The Forum is organized by the Russian Geographical Society and the Institute of Steppe. Among the participants of the Forum there are Vice-President of Russian Geographical Society, academician Chibilyov, academician Bolshakov, doctor of agricultural sciences, academician Kulik and others. 

The participants will discuss issues of preservation of historical, cultural and natural heritage of Eurasia’s steppes.