Take the Geographical Dictation Online

Фото: Александр Карпушев

Everyone has the opportunity to take part in the online version of the Geographical Dictation. The test will be available from 14:00 on November 14 to 14:00 on November 24, Moscow time. You can take it at any time an unlimited number of times. Registration is not required for this.

The online Dictation contains two blocks of questions: 10 easy ones and 30 more difficult ones. The test takes 45 minutes. You can find out your result immediately after completing all the tasks. If you are not satisfied with them for some reason, you can take the test again.

Please note that a participation certificate is not provided in this version of the Dictation. Testing is available in five languages: Russian, English, German, Spanish and Italian.

We wish all the participants good luck!