Thematic Competitions to Create Questions for the Geographical Dictation Continue

Резчик. Фото: Александр Нерозя, участник фотоконкурса РГО «Самая красивая страна»
Резчик. Фото: Александр Нерозя, участник фотоконкурса РГО «Самая красивая страна»

As part of the international competition "Write your question for the Geographical Dictation", we invite everyone to take part in the thematic blitz competitions. Each of them will take place within one week and will be devoted to a separate topic, including within the framework of the Year of Folk Art and Cultural Heritage of the Russian Federation. This week's topic: "Geography of Folk Art in Russia".

Every week the Russian Geographical Society holds a new thematic competition, to which you can submit a question in addition to participating in the international competition. Nine blitz competitions will be held in total.

The questions for the blitz competitions should be focused on the geography of Russia in relation to the proposed topic. Each blitz competition will be open only one week — from Monday to Sunday.

Send your questions on time! Keep an eye out for new topics!

Types of questions. Closed-type questions with multiple-choice answers are accepted for the competition. Important: there can be only one correct answer for each question. Requirements for questions and examples can be found here.

How many questions can be submitted to the competition.

There is a strict restriction here — one person can send only one question.

How we will choose the best questions.

All questions submitted to the competition will be sent for examination. It will be conducted by professional geographers and scientists representing related sciences (historians, biologists, art historians, and so on). The experts will determine the best questions, which will appear in the Dictation forms.

The list of finalists will appear on the website of the Russian Geographical Society no later than June 30, 2022: the list of winners, no later than July 31, 2022.

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Regulations on the international competition "Write your question for the Geographical Dictation"

This week's topic: "Geography of Folk Art in Russia" (02.05.22 — 08.05.22)

Different types of folk crafts originated in the natural environment in which they could get their development. Artistic woodworking developed mainly in the forest areas; pottery, where there was a corresponding type of clay. The production of items of stone(including precious and semi-precious) is one of the traditional occupations of the inhabitants of the mountainous regions, the Urals, the Caucasus, and the Altai. The peoples living in the Baltic Sea region are engaged in making things from amber. On the coast of the Arctic Ocean, where fishing and hunting marine animals was historically conducted, products made of bones and fins, of, for example, walruses, are produced. Fur product manufacture developed in the territories where the Taiga peoples live (Yakuts, Khanty, Komi). The manufacture of wool and leather products developed among the peoples who inhabit the forest-steppe, steppe, and semi-desert zones (Kalmyks, Buryats, Bashkirs, some peoples of Dagestan).

Example of a question: This ancient Russian folk craft originated in the 17th century in Nizhny Novgorod and in the settlements closest to it. For centuries, craftsmen have been making and painting wooden dishes, furniture and toys. The traditional elements of the painting are red juicy berries of rowan and strawberry, flowers and branches; birds and animals are often depicted. What is the name of this craft?

Answers: A) Gzhel painting; B) Khokhloma painting; C) Palekh painting D) Zhostovo painting