There was told about the Alsib air route on "Radio of Russia. Kamchatka"

Программа "Актуальное интервью". Фото: "Радио России. Камчатка" / Костромское отделение РГО

On "Radio Russia. Kamchatka" (102 FM) there was an interesting conversation about the study of the Alsib air route. Roman Ryabintsev, chairman of the Kostroma branch of the Russian Geographical Society, and Alexei Nikulin, documentary maker, took part in the "Actual Interview" program.

The topic of the conversation on October 18 was the heroic page of the Great Patriotic War, modern studies of the Alsib air route, the search for aircraft that crashed in those difficult times, and the filming of a documentary. The members of the RGS told about the goals and objectives of the expedition, about what has already been achieved.

ALSIB (abbreviated name of the airway Alaska - Siberia) – the air corridor connecting the USSR and the USA – appeared during the Great Patriotic War. Under the Lend-Lease agreement, the Western Allies supplied us with fighters and bombers. Since 1942, 8049 aircraft had been delivered to the front along the ALSIB route.


Алексей Никулин и Роман Рябинцев во время интервью. Фото: "Радио России. Камчатка" / Костромское отделение РГО

You can listen to the interview recording here (in Russian):