The Traveler Fedor Konyukhov Went to the Solo Circumnavigation

Фото из архива Фёдора Конюхова
Фото из архива Фёдора Конюхова

The Russian traveler, a member of the Russian Geographical Society Fedor Konyukhov went off on a circumnavigation from the city of Dunedin (New Zealand) on December 6. The start of the project was postponed for a month - weather conditions interfered.

In two years the traveler will cover a distance in 27,000 kilometers on the rowing boat. It was built according to Konyukhov’s own drawings, taking into account the experience of his five previous voyages.

The first point of the route is Cape Horn in Chile, where the traveler will arrive in 100-120 days. At the end of 2019 the moving to Australia will be made. A return to New Zealand is planned one year later.

A satellite-integrated buoy is installed onboard the boat, that will transmit the coordinates to the Network. Broadcast of the travelling can be viewed on the site

During the trip, Fedor Konyukhov will celebrate his birthday - he will turn 67 years old on December 12.

Let us remember that in 2014 Fedor Konyukhov was awarded the RGS Gold Medal named after N.N.Miklouho-Maclay for the implementation of the single crossing on a rowboat across the Pacific Ocean from the coast of Chile to the coast of Australia along a unique route and other numerous outstanding trips in Russia and abroad.