Trip Across The Ocean: RGS Invites For Online Excursion To California

Фото предоставлено Вологодским отделением РГО

You can now travel to another continent and see legendary Fort Ross without leaving your home. The Russian Geographical Society, the Government of Vologda Region and the Vologda State Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve have launched the online tour "Vologda citizens in the History of Russian America".

Thanks to the air panoramas, you can enjoy the nature of Northern California, instantly find yourself on the coast and see Fort Ross, founded by Totma citizen, Ivan Kuskov.

During the virtual tour, you will learn the detailed history of the foundation of the fortress: how Russian explorers adapted to life in new places, how they built relationships with the local population, what their life was like, what they traded and what they exchanged for the main Russian commodity that was especially valued by foreigners - Siberian furs.

Just one click and you will step into the history of Russian America.

In addition, in the community of the Totma Museum Association on the social network "VKontakte" there is a video tour of the House Museum of Ivan Kuskov in Totma, consisting of three parts. Why Ivan Kuskov went from Totma to such distant lands, who he worked with in Alaska, whether Kuskov got to Totma after all his travels - you will learn about all this in the series of museum’s online tours.