Venue Registration for the Geographical Dictation – 2023 is Open

The Russian Geographical Society announces the start of the venue registration for the Geographical Dictation in 2023. The international educational event will take place on November 19. You can apply on the project's website.

The organizer of a venue can be any Russian and foreign organizations – schools, universities, libraries, national parks, etc. The Geographical Dictation of the RGS is carried out on all continents and even on the International Space Station.

As always, the Dictation will be compiled in four versions, divided into two parts. The first part of 10 questions is a "geographical educational program" based on well-known facts from geography. The second part of 30 questions will require the use of creative thinking, logic, and erudition.

Both experts and simple lovers of geographical science take an active part in the preparation of the tasks. Thus, within the framework of the contest "Write Your Question for the Geographical Dictation", the RGS received more than 600 questions from different regions of Russia and countries of the world. No less interesting tasks were prepared by public organizations, as well as Russian companies whose activities are related to Earth sciences.

The Geographical Dictation has been held annually since 2015. Assessing the level of geographical literacy is not its main goal. The event is educational in nature and is aimed at popularizing geographical knowledge, as well as increasing interest in science and national heritage.

In 2017, the Geographical Dictation became international. Over the entire history of the event, more than 3 million people from 126 countries took part in it.

The Regulations on the conduct of the Geographical Dictation can be found on the event’s website.