A Video Tour from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok

Submissions to the Best Guide of Russia contest are now closed. Several hundreds of amazing videos have been submitted within 4 months. In fact, these videos can be used   to learn the history of this country. 

The Best Guide of Russia contest was held by the Russian Geographical Society, My planet TV channel and radio Mayak for the second time. This year the contest was supported by the Vkontakte social network. The contest is aimed at finding the most enthusiastic and talented guides who can make the whole country fall in love with their region.

All guides with different experiences from professional to amateur can take part in the contest. All that is needed is a two-minute video in Russian, containing a bright story about a wonderful attraction in your region (of cultural, museum or nature significance).

Submissions were open from April 16 to August 20, 2018. More than 600 videos were uploaded to the website of the contest. These videos are interesting stories full of rare facts, amazing things, poetry and lyrics, fun and drive, as well as love and pride for their homeland.  

This year winners will be chosen in 5 categories: Professional Guide. Museum; Professional Guide. City; Professional Guide. Route-maker; Guide-amateur and Guide-amateur. Under 18. 

This year the jury will consist of: Alexander Osipov, the President of the Association of Guides, Interpreters and Tour managers; Viktor Kruzhalin, the vice-chairman of the Russian Geographical Society Commission on the development of tourism; Valdis Pelsh, a TV person and author of documentary films; John Warren, a TV showman; Nikolay Tabashnikov, the chief editor of "My Planet" TV channel; Anastasia Chernobrovina, the Advisor to the President of the Russian Geographical Society on Information Policy; Tatiana Bukharina, a TV presenter and Chairman of the Association of Guides in Crimea; Ekaterina Leshchanova, the President of the Nizhny Novgorod Association of Tour Guides; Zetta Ermakova, the head of the Public Association of Guides and Tour Guides of Sochi, and other experts.

Winners will be named in September. They will get a unique opportunity to become characters of films on "My Planet» TV channel, and their author's excursions will be watched by the whole country! Best guides over 18 years old will get a prize of 100,000 rubles, and a winner in the category for young guides (under 18) will receive a video camera.