Vladimir Putin: "The RGS Unites Energetic, Caring People With Its Tasks"

To the members of the Russian Geographical Society, all specialists associated with geographical sciences and specialties

Dear friends!

I wish you a happy Geographer's Day!

It is deeply symbolic that we celebrate this wonderful holiday on August 18 – the day of the founding of the Russian Geographical Society in 1845. The RGS has been playing a truly unique role in the development of geography, climatology, meteorology, and other related sciences in our country, organizing large-scale expeditions to explore little-studied areas of the planet, and doing a lot for broad public education. The Society has revealed to the world the names of our outstanding scientists, travelers, navigators who have laid the traditions of selfless service to the Fatherland for the benefit of strengthening its economic potential, multiplying priceless natural, historical and cultural heritage.

It is gratifying that even today the RGS unites with its tasks a large number of energetic, caring people  of all ages and professions, volunteers. By the efforts of the Society, popular scientific, educational, environmental, creative projects are being implemented, such as the All-Russian Geographical Dictation, which has already become legendary. And of course, on this festive day I would like to emphasize the great, truly selfless labor of geography teachers. They are the ones who open up a huge world of knowledge about our planet to their students, bring up their love for their country and native land, and in many ways form the horizons and worldview of young people.

I wish you success and all the best!

Vladimir Putin