"We Got Lucky": Solar Eclipse Filmed at Weather Station In Yakutia

Фото предоставлено Александром Обоимовым

In the north of Yakutia, June 10 was a fine day, which made it possible to observe the solar eclipse. The next time such a chance would come only in ten years, noted Alexander Oboimov, a full member of the Russian Geographical Society, head of the “Tiksi” meteorological station.

"The maximum eclipse was at 20:45 local time. The sun is at its zenith here, so it was very difficult to observe. I used the usual, old-fashioned method – I took a film from an old floppy disk. True, one film did not help. I had to take two. With one film the picture was getting overexposed, it was impossible to shoot.  And the eyes hurt from looking," Oboimov admitted.

According to him, the employees of the station were lucky, which cannot be said about the residents of Yakutsk. It was more difficult for them to see the eclipse because of the clouds.

"The residents of Northeastern Yakutia got lucky as well. Seeing an eclipse does not happen often. Especially such an annular one. When the Moon does not completely cover the Sun, it creates the effect of a bright light corona around a black disk," added the meteorologist.

Alexander Oboimov reminded that the next time such a spectacle awaited Yakutia no earlier than 2031.

Natalia Mozilova, Alexander Zhirnov