We Publish A Detailed Version Of The Inspection Of Hospital Ship "Armenia". Video

The RGS Underwater Research Center published a detailed version of the survey of “Armenia” ship. The ship was discovered at the bottom of the Black Sea during a search operation by the Russian Ministry of Defense in April of this year. The ship was sunk by German aircraft in 1941. The wreck of the ship is considered one of the largest tragedies at sea in history: according to various estimates, there were from 6 to 10 thousand refugees and wounded on board.

Specialists of the RGS Underwater Research Center managed to take the underwater shots with the help of remotely operated underwater vehicle made in Russia of the “РТ” series.

“We needed to collect the maximum amount of data, without unnecessary risk for the equipment,” said Sergey Fokin, the executive director of the RGS Underwater Research Center. “A bombed vessel on the ground is a pile of metal parts, structures, rails, davits, hanging tows, ropes, mounts leaning over. This is a dense forest in which you can tangle either the robot itself or its cable, through which power is supplied, and it sends data and pictures."

Members of the expedition say that no new dives to "Armenia" are expected. And the matter is not only in the depth of 1500 meteres.

“This is not just a historical site, but a resting place for seven thousand people. It is absolutely unethical to dig through it just because we are interested” says Sergey Fokin. “I want to believe that a depth of 1,500 meters will help to reliably keep the dead from illegal encroachments of sensation lovers and treasure seekers."

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