What places should I visit to get to know Russia

The 14th of December of 2015 the opening ceremony of presentation of the book «What places should I visit to get to know Russia», created with the grant support of the Russian Geographical Society will take place.  

The name for the new guidebook  to the most interesting places of our country was suggested by the President of the Society Sergey Shoygu. The book has been created by the group of Russian geographers: by Vladimir Kotlyakov, Yury Badenkov, Yury Golubchikov, Victor Kruzhalin, Tatyana Nefedova, Andrey Treyvish, Alexander Hropov, Natalia Shabalina.

The author team detects the tourist attractiveness of the biggest country of the world citing the 16 regions, each of them is unique and unrepeatable.  The primordial nature attracts tourists in one of them, the cultural heritage objects are coming to the forefront in another, the ethnographic peculiarities – in the next. In spite of the dissimilitude of the submitted places, the reader is forming a clear understanding of the reasons why they should be seen to get to know Russia. The main objective of the book is to awake an interest to the process of learning the nature and culture of your own country, your history, your roots.

The event will take place in the Big Hall of the Central House of Scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The new edition will be presented by the curator of the project, the scientific director of the Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Kotlyakov.

The event starts at 18:00, all who wish are invited. The entrance fee is 50 rubles.

How you can get there: Kropotkinskaya metro station, out of the first car from the center, trolleybus 5, 15 – the stop named «The House of scientists» («Dom uchenikh») or you should walk down the Prechistenka street (about 5 minutes).