Wild Animals Replace People In The Streets Of Russian Cities

Таёжная гостья. Фото: Юрий Коковин, финалист фотоконкурса РГО "Самая красивая страна"
Таёжная гостья. Фото: Юрий Коковин, финалист фотоконкурса РГО "Самая красивая страна"

While people are sitting at home on self-isolation, wild animals feel freer and appear in the most unexpected places. And, although the video with dolphins in Italian Venice turned out to be fake, the residents of Russian cities do film unusual guests on phone cameras. Hares and foxes were seen on the streets of Vladimir, residents of Mytishchi photographed an elk from the windows, a roe came to the airport of Kazan... Read about these and other surprising cases in our article.

A forest guest appeared on the streets of Mytishchi, Moscow Oblast. The locals photographed an elk from the apartment windows. They think that the animal came to the commuter towns from the Elk Island National Park. At the same time, the park is separated from the city by the busy Yaroslavl highway and the railway, so it is completely unclear how the elk ended up in the courtyard of a residential building.

In Neftekamsk of the Republic of Bashkiria, a beaver decided to walk through the city empty of people. The animal, emboldened during the regime of complete self-isolation, walked along the roadway as if nothing had happened. A citizen photographed the rodent on a phone’s camera and published it in the city`s communities on social networks. The users were touched by the animal and scolded it for non-compliance with quarantine. However, the beaver did not get a chance to walk the Neftekamsk roads for long - it was taken away by veterinarians.


Бобёр из Нефтекамска. Фото со страницы vk.com/nskmdk
Бобёр из Нефтекамска. Фото со страницы vk.com/nskmdk

In recent months, hares and foxes have been spotted on the streets of Vladimir. And a fluffy marten peered into the courtyard of the Melenkovsky district hospital in Vladimir Oblast. Although the marten is not listed in the Red Book, many Melenki citizens saw them only in a zoo, so they enjoyed seeing the forest guest.

In Russian cities, boar sightings became more frequent. A wild beast walked along the streets of the city of Kinel in Samara Oblast. Photos of the animal were shared by eyewitnesses on social networks. And in the city of Nikolskoye, Leningrad Oblast, the townspeople saw a whole herd of wild boars. The walk of the animals got caught on the video, which was posted on the Internet. In the comments, St. Petersburg citizens began to joke that it was people who pretended to be wild boars so they could go for a walk during the self-isolation. Others noted that the animals were a special patrol that was keeping order.


Wild animals have also become frequent guests in Kazan. On the porch of a store in the city center, an owl decided to take a break. The bird was caught on camera by a random passerby. And after the airport of Kazan had closed one of the terminals due to a decrease in passenger traffic because of the coronavirus, a small wounded roe deer was found there. The animal was evacuated and taken for rehabilitation to the Sviyazhsk hunting farm.


Косуля. Фото предоставлено пресс-службой международного аэропорта "Казань".
Косуля. Фото предоставлено пресс-службой международного аэропорта "Казань".

The temporary absence of tourists favorably affected animals in the national parks of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The animals now have the opportunity to calmly move around specially protected natural areas unhindered. In the tourist area of ​​the Krasnoyarsk Stolby National Nature Reserve red deer have appeared. And the employees of the national park "Shushensky Bor" noted that when local animals were not disturbed, they were more at ease. The other day, a fox from the national park not only didn’t get scared of a naturalist photographer and let him close up, but even “followed him” for some time out of curiosity.


Фото с сайта национального парка "Красноярские Столбы" zapovednik-stolby.ru
Маралы. Фото с сайта национального парка "Красноярские Столбы" zapovednik-stolby.ru

In recent weeks, we have realized how difficult it is to be cooped up at home all the time. But because of us, many animals live in isolation all their lives - locked in the cages of zoos, fearing both humans and the urban environment as a whole. Perhaps the coronavirus pandemic will bring at least something good into our lives - it will force us to reconsider our views on wild animals, who also want security and freedom.


Лиса из нацпарка "Шушенский бор". Фото предоставлено пресс-службой нацпарка