“Write your Question for the Geographical Dictation – 2022” Competition: Results and Winners

Фото: пресс-служба РГО

The names of the winners of the international competition "Write Your Question for the Geographical Dictation – 2022" have been determined.

The Expert Jury of the Russian Geographical Society selected the best questions out of 80 finalists whose questions were selected by the Competition Commission.

This year's winners are:

Valentina Stepanova, Cheboksary (Chuvash Republic);

Arina Dodilnaya, Maykop (Republic of Adygea);

Nikolay Shalaev, Kaliningrad;

Alexey Vinnikov, Uray (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug – Yugra);

Anna Saperkina, Shumerlya (Chuvash Republic).

The winners of the competition "Write Your Question for the Geographical Dictation – 2022" will be invited to the central venue of the Dictation of 2022.

In addition, nine more blitz competitions focused on the geography of Russia with themes pertaining to the Year of the Cultural Heritage of the Peoples of Russia were held within the framework of the main competition.

The best authors of the questions in thematic competitions are:

In the topic "Geography and Art"

Averkin Mikhail Aleksandrovich, Moscow;

In the topic "Geography and Literature"

Skvaznikova Ekaterina Mikhailovna, St. Petersburg;

In the topic: "Geography in Poetry"

Olga E. Ivchenko, Makhachkala (Republic of Dagestan);

In the topic "Geography of Folk Art in Russia"

Emelyanov Alexander Sergeevich, Yaroslavl;

In the topic "Geography and Oral Folk Art"

Yukhtarova Maria Sergeevna, Cheboksary (Chuvash Republic);

In the topic "Geography and Music"

Gorlanova Elena Vasilyevna, St. Petersburg;

In the topic "Geography and Cinema"

Babich Margarita Vadimovna, Abakan (Republic of Khakassia);

In the topic "Geography and Fashion"

Sharikova Olga Leonidovna, Voronezh;

In the topic "Geography and Technology"

Grosheva Elena Nikolaevna, Markova Village (Irkutsk Oblast).

The winners' questions will be included in the Dictation questions in 2022 together with the questions from the experts of the Russian Geographical Society.

All the authors of the best questions will be awarded a Certificate and the main prize – a tourist trip with an open date along one of the routes recommended by the RGS.

In total, the authors of 532 questions took part in the competitions this year.

The international competition "Write Your Question for the Geographical Dictation" received 269 questions from 59 regions of Russia, as well as nine questions from seven foreign countries: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, USA, Ukraine, France, Czech Republic.

16 regional branches of the Russian Geographical Society took part in the regional stage of the competition; 139 questions were accepted.

Participants from 32 regions of Russia sent 115 questions to the thematic competitions on nine topics.