Your Geographical Dictation–2021 Results: Find Them on the Website Starting December 6

Фото: пресс-служба РГО

On December 6, from 12:00 Moscow time, you will be able to find out your results on the website of the Geographical Dictation of the RGS. The results of the remote version of the educational event of the Russian Geographical Society will be summed up first.

The results of the Dictation that took place at the in-person venues will become known within a month. As data becomes available, they will also appear on the site. If you haven't found yourself on the lists yet, you just need to wait a bit.

Earlier, the Russian Geographical Society published the correct answers to all versions of the Geographical Dictation–2021. You can find them here.

In 2021, the Dictation was compiled in four versions, identical in degree of difficulty: the main version, the version for the visually impaired, the version for the online Dictation, and the demo version. The tasks consisted of closed-ended questions. So, the participants in the Dictation were asked to establish the correct order, choose an extra option from the group, do some matching, and other tasks.

Each version consisted of 40 questions. The first part was the so-called geographical educational program: these were 10 fairly simple questions based on well-known facts. The second part included 30 more complex questions that required logic and ingenuity. In addition to the tasks from the experts, the Dictation included questions sent by the participants of the "Write your question for the Geographical Dictation" competition.

Let us remind you that this year the educational campaign of the Russian Geographical Society was held for the seventh time. In-person and remotely at the venues, the Dictation took place on November 14. In total, more than 8700 venues of the event were registered in Russia and 106 countries of the world. For those who could not take part in the event at the venues, the online Dictation was organized – it was possible to test your knowledge on the Internet from November 14 to 24.