17 January 2021

Preliminary census of the bison for 2020 was conducted in the Kaluzhskie Zaseki Reserve

Изображение с портала Google.ru
15 January 2021

On January 14, a thematic drawing appeared on the start page of the search engine

12 January 2021

The book is available in English and Russian

31 December 2020

Everyone who is with the RGS

29 December 2020

Krasnoyarsk scientists have determined that it is all about the nanotubes

26 December 2020

Part of the quarters of residential buildings and outbuildings was also found at the site.

23 December 2020

A new hypothesis was put forward to explain modern climatic anomalies

20 December 2020

The project is supported by the Kostroma Regional branch of the Russian Geographical Society

18 December 2020

It will help develop tourism in the Arctic

17 December 2020

Based on the data obtained, an educational and scientific database will be created