03 August 2020

The expedition is timed to the 75th anniversary of the assault on Shumshu Island by Soviet paratroopers in August 1945

31 July 2020

The registration starts on July 29 and will last until October 10, 2020

Сергей Готье ставит подпись на Глобусе русского первенства. Фото: Алексей Михайлов
31 July 2020

The RGS project is dedicated to the outstanding achievements of our compatriots

30 July 2020

The expedition of the RGS also examines the territory to create a new protected area

"Сплюшки". Фото: Алексей Левашкин, победитель VI  фотоконкурса РГО "Самая красивая страна" в номинациях "Эти забавные животные" и "Приз зрительских симпатий"
29 July 2020

Due to the difficult epidemiological situation, the meeting was held in the format of a Zoom conference

Фото: Юрий Сорокин
27 July 2020

For the first time in 500 years, floods swept across Western and Central Europe

Фото предоставлено Северным флотом
23 July 2020

The group goes to the islands of the Arctic archipelago on August 5

Теплоход "Армения" 1935 год. Фото: wikipedia.org
23 July 2020

The website will help clarify the list of victims of the largest sea tragedy

Фото предоставлено Северным Флотом
20 July 2020

In autumn, the island will be explored by a joint expedition of the Russian Geographical Society and the Northern Fleet

Фото предоставлено участниками экспедиции
18 July 2020

The researchers studied the coast of the Pechenga Bay, where the fighting took place during the Second World War