Рой Джонс мл. Фото с сайта kremlin.ru
15 July 2020

The undisputed world champion in boxing announced this at the forum "Ancient Heritage of Russia"

Красота и умиротворение Севера. Фото: Алексей Морозов
14 July 2020

Broadcast will take place online July 16

Волны Соммерса. Фото: Илья Дюринский
09 July 2020

Various combinations of hybrid generators can be designed using the atlas

Фото предоставлено ЦПИ РГО
07 July 2020

The ship was sunk by a Soviet torpedo during the Great Patriotic War

Фото: Алексей Михайлов
06 July 2020

It will be possible to take part in the action in person or online

Архивный снимок парохода "Урания". Фото предоставлено ЦПИ РГО
03 July 2020

Underwater researchers study ships that have sunk more than 100 years ago

Фото с сайта pixabay.com
29 June 2020

Societies will exchange scientific materials and conduct joint events

Скриншот видео, предоставленного нацпарком "Земля леопарда"
23 June 2020

A tigeress brought three tiger cubs to the watering place

Титульный лист
19 June 2020

The atlas is a source about the science of that time and a rare historical document

17 June 2020

The RGS supports the nominee - the “Ruskeala” Mining Park in Karelia