"Волшебные гроты Байкала". Фото: Наталья Бурмейстер, финалист V фотоконкурса РГО "Самая красивая страна"
13 January 2020

Residents and guests of the city will have opportunity to admire photos until February 14

Кроноцкий заповедник. Фото: Сергей Краснощёков
11 January 2020

There are 108 reserves, 63 national parks and 60 zakazniks in Russia

Фото предоставлены участниками экспедиции
09 January 2020

The expedition was initiated by the Russian Geographical Society

Фото: pixabay.com
28 December 2019

All the most important and promising

Фото предоставлено национальным парком "Русская Арктика"
27 December 2019

The film was found on the territory of the Russian Arctic National Park

Фото: Валентин Мирошников
24 December 2019

The agreement will organize and strengthen the already established close partnership

Республика Алтай. Фото: Ольга Бурда
22 December 2019

Its participants will be able to learn more about Russia and contribute to the development of the regions

21 December 2019

A photo exhibition "Traveling in Russia. 360 °" will be opened at the Tolmachevo International Airport.

Фото: wikipedia.org
19 December 2019

Bulldozer dug the remains of the animal

Фото: Вадим Савицкий
18 December 2019

President of the RGS Sergey Shoigu met with andex Deputy Chief Executive Officer Tigran Khudaverdyan