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21 May 2022

"Travels with the RGS" invites you to visit the world of storytellers and rhapsodists

Резчик. Фото: Александр Нерозя, участник фотоконкурса РГО «Самая красивая страна»
01 May 2022

Next week's theme: "Geography of Folk Art in Russia"

22 April 2022

"Travels with the RGS" invites you to go on an expedition to the pole of inaccessibility

18 April 2022

This week's theme: "Geography and Literature"

08 April 2022

We have collected for you a selection of places where it is very beautiful in spring

27 February 2022

According to the census data, six rare predators settled in the region

09 December 2021

The winners were selected from among 500 works in three categories

05 December 2021

174 villages from 75 countries took part in the competition

30 November 2021

We set off on a journey through the most picturesque peaks of the country