News and events

Фото: Анна Юргенсон/пресс-служба РГО
29 August 2022

More than 700,000 people visited its venues

27 August 2022

Over 240,000 people visited the venues in Zaryadye in three days

21 August 2022

The best photographers of Russia confessed their love for the nature of their homeland

20 August 2022

Guests can solve the cipher of the main geographical event of the year

30 July 2022

The best will receive an invitation to the main venue of the campaign and will travel around Russia

Ночь географии в Центральном военно-морском музее. Фото: пресс-служба ЦВММ
29 July 2022

This year, the events were held in 73 regions of Russia and 19 foreign countries

21 May 2022

"Travels with the RGS" invites you to visit the world of storytellers and rhapsodists

Резчик. Фото: Александр Нерозя, участник фотоконкурса РГО «Самая красивая страна»
01 May 2022

Next week's theme: "Geography of Folk Art in Russia"

22 April 2022

"Travels with the RGS" invites you to go on an expedition to the pole of inaccessibility

18 April 2022

This week's theme: "Geography and Literature"