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19 September 2020

The representatives of the Russian Geographical Society are taking part in the First International Arctic Media Congress

17 June 2020

The RGS supports the nominee - the “Ruskeala” Mining Park in Karelia

Горный парк "Рускеала". Фото: Мария Митрофанова, участница фотоконкурса РГО "Самая красивая страна"
07 April 2020

The RGS participates in the award together with the “Ruskeala” Mountain Park

Горный парк "Рускеала". Фото: Руслан Олейников, участник фотоконкурса РГО "Самая красивая страна"
18 March 2020

You can participate in the voting

29 February 2020

We talked with an expert and made a selection of interesting facts about the polar predator

Художник: Иван Ульяновский
07 February 2020

The series includes stamps, envelopes, postcards and postmarks

Фото: пресс-служба РГО
30 January 2020

Торжественные мероприятия прошли 28 января на станции "Беллинсгаузен"

Ледяные горы в Антарктиде. Художник Иван Айвазовский
29 January 2020

And why the discovery was made by Russian sailors indeed

Коллаж пресс-служба РГО
28 January 2020

The discovery of the sixth continent was made exactly 200 years ago

Фото с сайта Автор: Davepape
24 January 2020

Camera traps recorded five new cubs