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27 February 2022

According to the census data, six rare predators settled in the region

Путь на волю. Фото: Центр "Амурский тигр"
17 May 2021

For exactly a year, under the supervision of people, the predator was learning to live an independent life

Фото с сайта wikipedia.org. Автор: Davepape
24 January 2020

Camera traps recorded five new cubs

Photo by: Afanasiy Bereda, provided by the Amur Tiger Center
29 November 2018

One of the cubs turned out to be a male, though it was earlier identified as a female

Photo by: the press center of the Amur Tiger Center
03 November 2018

On November 3 the Bikin National Park celebrated three years since its creation

From pixabay.com
18 October 2018

"Geography for children" is a social initiative of the Russian Geographical Society for children left without parents

Photo from amur-tiger.ru
04 October 2018

A solemn celebration dedicated to International Tiger was held in the Mariinsky Theatre in Vladivostok

Photo was provided by the Amur Tiger Center
25 July 2018

Troika transport cards with the image of the Amur tiger will be sold in Moscow

 Photo by: Svetlana Sutyrina. Provided by the Center "Amur tiger"
15 May 2018

Two Amur tigers released from the rehabilitation center to the wild