30 June 2021

Competitions in Poland will end on July 1

Фото: Алексей Михайлов
19 August 2019

Its participants are 30 scientists and public figures from Russia and 15 countries of the world.

Фото предоставлено участникам олимпиады
03 August 2019

Russia is represented by schoolchildren from Moscow and Saratov

Участники международного волонтёрского лагеря в Болгаре – 2018 на экскурсии в Музее Болгарской цивилизации. Фото: Кристина Яковлева
17 April 2019

Participants will conduct archaeological excavations in the UNESCO World Heritage Site

Photo: Nikolay Razuvaev
09 April 2019

Now you can join the team of young geographers in Turkey and Kyrgyzstan

Photo by: the press service of the Society
21 November 2018

The Russian Geographical Society invites to take part in a meeting of the youth intellectual club

Photo by: the press service of the Society
25 October 2018

The youth intellectual club met at the Moscow HQ on October 23

 Photo by: Sergey Karpukhin
29 August 2018

The meeting of youth clubs of the Russian Geographical Society took place in Yakutsk.

Photo by the press center of the Society
28 August 2018

Summer school completed its work in St. Petersburg

Photo by: the press service of the Society
18 August 2018

The international summer school will take place in St. Petersburg from 19 to 26 August