News and events

The opening ceremony of the Festival of the Russian Geographical Society. Photo by Nikolay Razuvaev
30 October 2015

The Festival of the Russian Geographical Society gathered those who sincerely love Russia

Keeper of leopard certificate
13 November 2014

The Russian Geographical Society became the keeper of a leopard

Volunteers and Anastasia Chernobrovina at XV Сongress of the Russian Geographical Society
12 November 2014

Volunteers provided great help in holding the Festival and XV Congress

Landscapes of the Russian Arctic National Park. Photo: Press Service of the National Park
06 November 2014

Qualification round of the new international youth forum dedicated to the Arctic has launched

Polar bear leaves no one indifferent
06 November 2014

60 thousand people attended the geographical festival

Festival guests can take a little culinary trip around Russia
06 November 2014

Masterclasses in cooking dishes of the peoples of Russia were a great success among the guests

Spoon-billed sandpiper. Photo: Sergey Golubev
06 November 2014

Scientistsat the Festival discussed the problems of migratory birds conservation

Amur leopard - the rarest subspecies of the cat family in the world
05 November 2014

10 thousand people were choosing the name for a leopard

05 November 2014

More than 1000 nicknames for the rarest cat in the world were suggested

04 November 2014

Will take part in the Russian Geographical Society Festival on November 5