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24 June 2021

We follow the excavations of the Tuva kurgan of the 9th century BC

19 July 2022

Archaeologists have found bronze jewelry

На раскопках кургана Туннуг. Фото: Анна Клочко
18 May 2022

The next season of the expedition to explore the famous Scythian kurgan in Tuva has been opened

11 July 2021

The expedition members are trying to reveal the secret of their origin

Фото: Сергей Скудин, со страницы
16 October 2020

Traces of sacrifices discovered for the first time at Tunnug

Фото со страницы Института истории материальной культуры РАН в Вконтакте (
26 August 2020

Archaeologists believe that not only animals were sacrificed

Фото предоставлено участниками экспедиции
29 February 2020

According to preliminary data, this is the largest and earliest Scythian monument in the world

Фото: Влада Волкова
12 August 2019

RGS volunteers will continue excavations of the Scythian kurgan

Фото предоставлено участниками экспедиции
20 June 2019

Shifts will be held from July 3 to July 31 and from August 3 to August 31, 2019

Photo provided by members of the expedition
05 June 2019

It was discovered in the first season that the burial ground is the oldest of all discovered in Tuva