First guests of the Russian Geographical Society Festival

People started gathering at the entrance long before the the Festival started
First guests of the Festival
Volunteers are giving out copies of the program
People got into lines to the sideshows. Luckily they they did not have to wait for long
Everybody found something to their liking. Some people collected puzzles in the shape of maps
Others tasted tea, brewed according to old recipes
Someone read riddles of reserves
Hi-five, snow leopard!
Our little guest were mostly interested in rare animals
The older ones took shot in shipbuilding
Many of the Society's projects are presented in the interactive form
Masterclass on hop and kvass-tasting for audiences
Future officers were interested in the Society's awards
Souvenirs of the Russian Geographical Society were very popular
You can buy a toy polar bear or Amur leopard at the Festival. The Society has been supporting the preservation projects for several years
Panorama photos by AirPano
Lectures of famous scientists
You can even touch our exhibits
Honorary president of the Russian Geographical Society, member of the Russian Academy of Science Vladimir Kotlyakov reads the lecture "Discovery of subglacial lake East"