Striped master of taiga

The Amur tiger has been living in the Ussuri taiga for thousands of years. Gently touching the ground, these big cats proudly and confidently walk through the taiga forest. The pace of the tiger is light and inaudible. 

The harsh conditions of the taiga made ​​the tiger strong and hardy animal, he is not afraid of snowy winters. Black stripes, despite their brightness, serve as camouflage. Tigers are almost constantly in motion. Bypassing their territory, they are looking for prey. 

It is believed that the Siberian tigers are polygamous. Mothers stay with their cubs up to two years. Cubs are playing a lot, becoming nimble and strong, acquiring the necessary skills to hunt, and when the cubs grow up, they begin to accompany their mother while hunting and comprehend the wisdom of bagging food. 

There are 90% of the total population of the Amur tiger in our country, so Russia is responsible for the preservation of the Amur tiger on a global scale.