Complex Expedition "Hogland"

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            No doubts, you know where St. Petersburg is located. And where Kronstadt is too. And if you move further along the map to the north-west? .. Yes, the Gulf of Finland, and further? ..

           Here are some tips for you: "Trade route from the Varangians to the Greeks", the Treaty of Nystad, the Battle of Hogland, the painting by Aivazovsky "Lefort's Death", the Crimean War, the Struve Arc, the Popov's Hill, the Soviet evacuation of Tallinn, Admiral Svyatov ... Any ideas?

           Do not worry. All this list-puzzle at first also did not add up in one picture even for the participants of the complex expedition "Gogland" of the Russian Geographical Society. Separately, everything is well known, but what does actually unite these facts, names, events? 

          Since the summer of 2013, the team of the "Hogland" of the Russian Geographical Society collects and connects the chronicles of a relatively small area, which even now, in the age of satellite maps and unlimited information opportunities, can be called a "white spot", which is located, by the way, not in the wilds of the Amazon, but almost in the heart of Europe. This "white spot", though, is not on the map, but in our education, in our knowledge of our native country.

The name of this place is the Outer Islands of the Gulf of Finland.

Information partner of 2017 Hogland expedition