Calendar Customs, Holidays and Ceremonies

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Photo by: Mark Podrabinek
Photo by: Mark Podrabinek

Since ancient times, rituals have been an integral part of folk culture and have accompanied most important moments in a person's life. Initially, with the help of rituals, people established relations with higher forces. They believed that the life of a community or tribe depended on observing the custom: whether the harvest would be rich and hunting successful. Therefore, there is nothing accidental in rituals: they strictly defined how to behave, what to wear, sing and put on the table.

Rites  often became part of holidays, and the festive calendar was made according to the way of life of people. The most popular festivals were held after the completion of hard work. For farmers it was sowing and harvesting, for nomads - the time of change of places, for the hunters - the beginning and end of the hunting season. In addition, the reasons for the celebration were created by nature:  polar night or drought season was coming to an end, spring came. During the festivities, folk games were often arranged.

Games also occupy an extremely important place in culture. All peoples of the world play traditional games and people of all ages and social status are charmed by them. Children's games help to form the most important life skills and cultural traditions, teach correct behavior. As for adults, games contribute to the strengthening of social ties and allow rather painlessly to build hierarchies and save the world in a local society.

Visitors to the III  Festival of the Russian Gepgraphical Society participated in folk games. For example, in Buryat stepping naadan -throwing sheep's bones, Dagestan's dugerekden chygar - knocking out stones, North-Ossetian baendai nai khazt - pulling each other out of the circle and many others.

In addition, guests of the festival were able to learn mysterious rituals. Thus, representatives of the Nganasan people held a ‘naming ceremony’ for everyone who wished, and during the Dolgan rite "Gift to the Spirits of Nature" it was possible to tie a colored ribbon to the "Tree of Desires". Dolgans believe that in this case, everything that is wished for will necessarily come true.